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Welcome to the Saturday, October 25th edition of the Tennis Recruiting Network. Today we feature the top boys and girls from the recruiting lists updated earlier this week.
Recruiting List Update
A Look at This Week's Top Recruits!
calculated earlier this week

Faces in the top one-hundred:

#41 Senior
Reese Stalder

#8 Senior
Kennedy Shaffer

#41 Junior
Steven Karl

#12 Junior
Jada Hart

Congratulations to the leaders in this weeks rankings:
 The Boys
1. R. Opelka
2. T. Paul
3. A. Rybakov
4. W. Duncan
5. S. Kumar
6. L. Smith
7. A. Perez
8. K. Boyd
9. C. Mateas
10. M. Kessler
Full List
 The Girls
1. F. Dilorenzo
2. K. McCarthy
3. A. Daniell
4. J. Ho
5. K. Fahey
6. E. Hamlin
7. C. Lampl
8. K. Shaffer
9. M. Horvit
10. M. Lord
Full List
 The Boys
1. F. Tiafoe
2. M. Mmoh
3. T. Fritz
4. N. Ponwith
5. R. Storrie
6. Z. Clark
7. S. Furman
8. R. Levine
9. M. Gamble
10. U. Blanch
Full List
 The Girls
1. R. Kingsley
2. I. Neel
3. E. Shibahara
4. E. Higuchi
5. A. Nelson
6. S. Daavetdila
7. H. Chang
8. M. Bourguignon
9. A. Graham
10. A. Miller
Full List

More Boys' Lists:

Sophomores, Freshmen, 8th Graders,
7th Graders, 6th Graders

More Girls' Lists:

Sophomores, Freshmen, 8th Graders,
7th Graders, 6th Graders
Recruiting Feature
Countdown: Blue Chip Boys
by Julie Wrege, 24 October 2014

Last Friday, we visited with the senior Blue Chip girls to find out how they are doing in the college recruiting process. Today, the boys get their turn. How many have decided? Which players are still wide open? And are any of them leaning towards your favorite school? Find out now...

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Commitment Profile
Countdown: California Girl Gabby Andrews Chooses UCLA
by Colette Lewis, 23 October 2014

Blue chip senior Gabby Andrews seriously considered another top program thousands of miles away, but late last year the two-time junior slam champion chose to complete the next phase of her tennis career closer to her Pomona, California home when she verbally committed to UCLA.

Full Article

Commitment Profile
Countdown: Asami's Inside Track to Pacific
by Rhiannon Potkey, 22 October 2014

Yuki Asami had an inside source when it came to researching University of the Pacific. Asami's friend, Francis Dean, is a member of the UOP women's tennis team, and Asami asked Dean several questions about the school and the program. Once Dean realized Asami was interested in attending UOP, she told head coach Charlotte Scatliffe about Asami. Emails were exchanged, and Asami was soon on her way to Stockton.

Full Article

Recruiting 101
Countdown: Trending Toward Early Verbal Commitments
by Tim Donovan, 21 October 2014

In the college tennis recruiting scene, it is becoming more and more common to hear of verbal commitments to colleges occurring far earlier than in recent history. In tennis, it is no longer unheard of to see a player committing to a college during the first half of the junior year. The prevailing message in the past has been to take one's time. But while that remains sound advice, players should probably start engaging in their search process earlier.

Full Article

Who's Hot?
Prince Hot 100 List - October '14
by Amelia Thomas, 20 October 2014

Today we announce the October edition of the Prince Hot 100. The Prince Hot 100 features 100 boys and 100 girls who have been playing outstanding tennis. These players have substantially improved their rankings over the past month.

Full Article

Photo Gallery
Images from the 2014 Mike Agassi Tournament
by, 19 October 2014

Last weekend saw a number of USTA Closed Regional tournaments - including the Mike Agassi No Quit in Las Vegas, Nevada. Tennis Recruiting photographers were in town for the event, and we have a number of great action shots.

View Photos

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  Class of 2016 - Boys
1st F. Tiafoe
2nd M. Mmoh
3rd T. Fritz
4th N. Ponwith
5th R. Storrie
6th Z. Clark
7th S. Furman
8th R. Levine
9th M. Gamble
10th U. Blanch

   Complete List